The student council organizes boardgame evenings on a regular basis. Usually there are also snacks and drinks. Here is some more information.


Every second monday and fourth friday of the month, from 6:00 PM to open end.

However, there might be excepions. Those can be found on our website and on our calendar: .


In seminar rooms 1 and 2 at Jungiusstraße 9.

What do you play?

You can choose from a large board and cardgame collection. Frequently played games are: Codenames, Secret Hitler, Just One, Bang, Fantastic Realms, Dune and Hanabi. If there are enough people, we sometimes play Werewolf or Mafia, sometimes in unusual editions such as Quantum Werewolf. We also have normal playing cards if you are interested – however a physics version featuring constants, well known physicists and the damped oscillator.

Never heard about any of those games?

Sounds great, then we’ll explain you the rules!

Is that all?

You can also bring your own games and convince people to join you. Sometimes people come and play Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh

How long does it last?

It depends… on mondays usually until 23:00, on fridays it lasts longer. It really depends on the type of games played and what the players want.

Can I bring a friend who doesen’t study physics?

They’re very welcome to come as well! However, we’ll ask them for 2€ to cover the costs of snacks and drinks.

Why should I come?

Because it’s really fun! You also meet a lot of people from the faculty and can network.

See you next time!