Bachelor and Master Theses in light dark matter

Dark matter constitutes over five times as much of the universe’s mass as the ordinary matter we
are made of, yet its nature remains unknown. The NEWS-G Collaboration searches for particle dark
matter in the uncharted sub-GeV mass range using the Spherical Proportional Counter, a novel
gaseous detector.

The research group of Prof. K. Nikolopoulos is offering Bachelor and Master Theses in the areas of:

  • Data analysis and reconstruction techniques for direct searches of light dark matter
  • Detector instrumentation research and development for current and next generation detectors

You will learn about direct searches for dark matter, physics of gaseous detectors, simulation
techniques, data analysis methods, and event reconstruction with machine learning. You will work
in an international collaboration and perform fascinating work for underground laboratories.

You can find more information in the pdf file below.