PhD project: high-speed liquid jets for imaging bio-particles at XFELs

X-ray free-electron lasers offer new opportunities for obtaining time-resolved 3D structures of macromolecules, fibrils, and viruses by out-running radiation damage and avoiding the need for cryogenic cooling. Performing such measurements of these systems in aqueous environments remains a large challenge. This PhD project will develop novel devices to create high-speed jets and flowing sheets of liquid of submicrometer thickness, as well as optical laser diagnostics to measure these and track co-flowing particles, and acoustic or other forces to direct the particle trajectories. The candidate will also employ them in diffractive imaging and crystallography experiments at the European XFEL and elsewhere. The project will make use of two-photon polymerisation 3D printing to rapidly prototype and develop the devices.

The PhD candidate would work under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Henry Chapman (UHH). If interested please contact Dr. Saša Bajt (sasa.bajt [AT]