Master projects in experimental solid-state physics: topological superconductivity

The ultimate goal of realizing topological quantum computation based on a novel quasiparticle called Majorana Bound state (MBS) triggered a race in multiple disciplines of solid-state physics to unambiguously demonstrate the existence and exotic physical properties of MBSs. One of the most promising systems for the realization are magnet superconductor hybrid systems.

Using ultralow-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), we fabricate artificial structures of single magnetic adatoms on surfaces of superconductors by means of STM tip induced atom manipulation and investigate them using scanning tunneling spectroscopy (STS). Applying magnetic fields and using magnetic tips enables us to perform spin-sensitive measurements.

We are currently looking for Master students interested in this research area. The Master project will be supported by PhD students and post-doctoral researchers on a daily basis. It is embedded in a small subgroup of one of the world’s leading scanning probe methods groups with a diverse international atmosphere.

For further information, please see the linked pdf and contact PD Dr. Jens Wiebe (