Vollversammlung / General student assembly 24.10.23, 17:00, HS 1

What is it?

The general student assembly is a meeting of all students of the physics department, happening every semester.


This semester, it takes place on the 24th of October at 5 PM in lecture hall 1 at Jungiusstraße 9.


  • Talk about new rooms for students on Campus Bahrenfeld (DESY premises) and networking events with students from other departments (e.g. Maths against Physics event)
  • Recap of the semester
  • Overview of the finances
  • Discharge of the old student coulcil
  • Election of a new student council

Is that all?

There will be cookies!
After the assemby, the first meeting of the new student council will take place. It is open to all members of the UHH

Can I join you?

Of course! We are always happy if people want to represent students in commitees, discuss how to make the university a better place for us, organize events or just want to help out sometimes.

If you want to join us, just write a message in the contact form, including your name and an email adress. Alternatively, you can come to the assembly and decide spontaneously if you want to participate.

You don’t even need to study physics in order to join us. We always have some students of nanoscience, computing in science, teaching or mathematical physics in the council.