Board game evening on the 10th of February

You want to take a break from studying? Or have you already passed all your exams and are enjoing some free time?

The board game evenings of the physics department take place in the lecture free time as well! The next one will be on the 10th of February at 6 pm im Seminar Room 2, free snacks and drinks are included.



The second Monday and fourth Friday of the month. Specific dates will be published on the website about two weeks before, as well as eventual exceptions (such as in the winter break).

It begins officially at 6 pm, of course you can join later in the evening if you cannot make it on time. Sometimes it starts later because the games were not brought on time.

What is played?

That is usually decided during the evening. Popular games are: Codenames, Secret Hitler, Ticket to Ride (Zug um Zug), The Resistance (Der Widerstand), King of Tokio, Love Letters, … When there are enough people, Mafia (similar to Werewolf) is played, sometimes in peculiar variants (such as Quantum Werewolf).

Never heard of it?

That doesen´t matter, if there are new people games are explained before starting to play, and surely there are games you already know. For example we also have normal playing cards, however in the ZaPF version (The Collaboration of Physics Deprtments) with well known Physicists instead of Jack, King and Queen.

Is that all?

Of course you can bring your own games and convince people to play. Sometimes people even bring their Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

How long does it last?

On Mondays usually until 11 Pm, on Fridays until later… It really depends on the games and the players.

I know someone who would really like to come but does not study physics…

People that are not from the physics department but enjoy this kind of games are welcome to come! However if there are lots of people we might ask for a small donation…

Why should I come?

Because it´s really fun and you get to know new people.

See you next time!